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Not By Bread Alone: Malayalam Translation

Dr. Steven Waterhouse is the principle published author of Westcliff Press. He has served as Senior Pastor at Westcliff Bible Church since 1985. He has degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary (D. Min.); Capital Bible Seminary (Th.M. Hebrew and Greek); Spring Arbor University, Michigan (B.A. Social Sciences); and Cornerstone University, also in Michigan. In addition to authoring the resources on this web site, Dr. Waterhouse has taught Bible doctrine in colleges and church ministries, has been the keynote speaker at the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) conventions, has lectured at various institutions and conference workshops on counseling, and has been a participant and speaker on numerous national radio programs pertaining to counseling. Of particular significance among the resources downloadable from this site are Dr. Waterhouse’s 575-page Systematic Bible Doctrine book, as well as his scholarly works on the abortion issue (“Unborn Children”), the authorship of Revelation and John’s Gospel, and “Messianic Prophecy.” Additionally, Dr. Waterhouse’s sermons can also be heard by accessing them on the Westcliff Bible Church web site, www.westcliffbiblechurch.org.

Dr. Roger A. Hubbard is a 1997 graduate of the Dallas Theological Seminary and earned his doctorate of Ministry from Christian Bible College and Seminary. His pastoral ministry extends from 1976 and includes four churches. He has been the Pastor of Lake Tanglewood Community Church in Amarillo TX since 1999. Dr. Hubbard and his wife, Lorna, have three children and seven grandchildren. Dr. Hubbard is the author of “Romans … Forever,” “Revelation …Forever,” and “The Nature and Effects of Co-Dependency Among Christians,” all available for free download from this web site.

E. Jay O’Keefe (Biblical Economics)has degrees from Amarillo College, Texas Tech University and a Master’s Degree from the University of Michigan. He is a past President of the Western National Life Insurance Company, now owned by AIG. After leaving the corporate world in 1986, he spent most of his time providing financial counsel for family and friends. In the 1980s, Mr. O’Keefe taught a seminar on the biblical principles of managing (God’s) money; he has now put the content of this seminary into print, available for free download.

Alan N. Good (The Question Mark). Alan N. Good is a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, having served twenty years as a pilot and as a director of air traffic control systems in the United States, France, and Okinawa and as a staff officer in the Pentagon and at the Federal Aviation Administration headquarters in Washington DC. Following retirement he was a vice president of a real estate development firm in Savannah GA for ten years, relocated to Amarillo TX to become station manager for the Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN), and then became Administrator of Westcliff Bible Church. Since 1996 he has served as editor of Westcliff Press, which publishes resources on Bible doctrine and counseling.