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Westcliff Press is a ministry of Westcliff Bible Church, publishing resources that target pastors, Christian leaders and lay people. Contained within this site are biblical doctrine works, theological studies, commentaries, devotionals, materials on Christian evidences and Bible history, as well as a number of documents that address a variety of Biblical counseling subjects. All resources are available for free download.

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Not By Bread Alone by Steven Waterhouse
Not By Bread Alone: An Outlined Guide to Bible Doctrine:

575 pages, hard cover, provides research on all the doctrines of the Bible explaining complex and controversial issues with clear and original logic: the Trinity, Virgin Birth, Deity of Christ, the occult, work and gifts of the Spirit, the definition of saving faith, eternal security, conflicting views of end-time events, and others. Contains more than 8,000 Bible references and has Greek/Hebrew word studies of key theological terms. Not by Bread Alone conserves time for busy pastors, Christian workers and students. Used around the world; translated into Malayalam, Spanish, Urdu, Swahili. Not by Bread Alone Transaltions

Not by bread Alone Spanish Translation
Not By Bread Alone: Spanish Translation

The translation of Dr. Steven Waterhouse's Bible Doctrine "Not By Bread Alone" into Spanish Text.

What Must I Do To Be Saved; the Bible’s Definition of Saving Faith:

24 pages, soft cover. The greatest doctrinal dispute of our age involves the precise definition of the Gospel. It is not uncommon to hear muddled and contradictory evangelistic messages. This booklet provides a scholarly basis for a grace viewpoint. It addresses every evangelistic appeal. It analyzes the Hebrew and Greek words for faith, repentance and confession. Addresses such questions as: Does saving repentance mean one must clean up his life before he can be saved? Must one confess Jesus publicly? What if one has never “asked Jesus into my heart?” Does the Bible teach, “If He’s not Lord of all He’s not Lord at all?” Can salvation be complete without baptism?

Blessed Assurance
Blessed Assurance:

100 pages, hard cover. Can a believer lose his salvation? Blessed Assurance addresses the difficult passages concerning a believer’s security such as, “fallen from grace,” “severed from Christ,” “endure to the end,” make your calling and election sure,” using direct references from the Scriptures and arguing from both negative and positive points of reference. Helpful in explaining eternal security even to those who may be uncertain or disagree.


Booklet, 53 pages, soft cover. This study maintains that anyone who does not bring a sacrifice to church or celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles by living in huts made of palm branches is in practice, a dispensationalist, and that there is little excuse for failing to grasp the change from Law to grace. It also maintains that it is amazing that anyone could read the Bible and not believe that it promises a future earthly kingdom centered in the nation of Israel. Contains a multitude of supporting verses. An elementary, easily understood apology for this theology.

The Gifts of the Spirit
The Gifts of the Spirit:

53 pages, soft cover. Did the office of apostles end with the deaths of the original apostles? Or are there apostles today? What were (are) the qualifications to be (or have been) an apostle? Is the purpose of speaking in tongues today to enable individual praise to God? Or is this ecstatic speech, gibberish or babbling? Is it valid to maintain the view that the Greek word for tongues, “glossa” means actual languages, spoken in New Testament times for the sole purpose of furthering the gospel? Do the “sign gifts” (healing, miracles, tongues etc.) exist today, or did they pass with the original apostles? In this booklet, Dr. Waterhouse answers these questions directly from Scripture so that confusion can be avoided and one can discover his or her spiritual gift.

The Question Mark
The Question Mark

(Author Alan N. Good): 487 pages, soft cover. A comprehensive knowledge bank of the entire Bible in question/answer format. Containing 5,826 Questions direct from Scripture, the Question Mark can be kept as a quick refresher course on a given book of the Bible or as a ready reference to the salient points, major truths, events and people and scope of that Book. Answers given on each page. Includes prefacing introduction to each Book, as well as informative illustrations.

Seven Score Thoughts...
Seven Score Thoughts...

Here from Shadrach (nom-de-plume) are some thoughts gleaned from Scripture … a few examples:

  • Elisha didn’t even answer the door
  • God made me forget all that stuff
  • David’s mind, in full forward fury, now must shift to full-reverse guilt.
  • His knees knocked together!
  • He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh
  • We know not to step in front of a Mack truck
  • They didn’t just drop by and leave a get-well card
  • Let me go over and take off his head!
  • Did we not cast three men into the fire? I see four men loose!
  • Filthy rags instead of His Son?
  • Too late … too late … too late…
  • It is a terrible thing to forget God.

What an incredible gift to us is God’s Word. From just a sentence, a phrase, even one word in context can give instruction, wisdom, and encouragement. Come along with Shadrach, enjoy the fascination, joy and blessing found in searching the Scriptures.

Romans … Forever
Romans … Forever

(Author Dr. Roger A. Hubbard): 243 pages, hard cover. This book offers not only a detailed study of Paul’s systematic presentation of the doctrine of justification by faith but also provides a foundational analysis of the Gospel: that man is a sinner, he cannot save himself; through faith alone in Christ, Christ’s righteousness is imputed to him; he is adopted into God’s family, and as such he is then predestined to be an “heir together” with Him on That Day.

Revelation … Forever
Revelation … Forever

(Author Dr. Roger A. Hubbard): 219 pages, hard cover: A thorough, informative study of the Book of the Revelation. Hundreds of the original Greek words/phrases coupled with the English translations serve to expand the reader’s understanding. The theme is “Jesus Christ will rightfully rule on the earth,” and the book is outlined as “the things which you have seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall take place after these things.” Includes illustrations.

Christian Evidences and History

Jesus and History
Jesus and History:

How We Know His Life and Claims: 272 Pages, hard cover. This scholarly work examines the historical background of the four Gospels. Chapters include: historical reliability of the Gospels; Jesus and Gospel History from AD 30 to AD60; the Life of Jesus’ in the Epistles; and others. Includes 360 endnotes. Answers questions such as, “can we identify the authors of the Gospels and dates of the books, or were they later forgeries? Are the people and places in the Gospels historical or mythological? Did Jesus do the miracles and makes the claims attributable to Him, or did early Christians exaggerate His life?”

Jesus, Miracles and History
Jesus, Miracles and History:

30 pages, booklet, soft cover. This booklet addresses the questions, Did Jesus really do the miracles and make the claims attributed to him, or did the early Christians exaggerate His life? Is there any merit to the challenges to the fact of His resurrection, and did He defeat death on the first Easter morning? Herein is evidence that Jesus did in fact perform miracles and that His resurrection is historical.

Messianic Prophecy
Messianic Prophecy

24 pages, soft cover – The Old Testament contains numerous predictions about a coming Deliverer, the Messiah. The Dead Sea Scrolls were copied long before the life of Jesus, and they clearly have these prophecies. No critic can assert these were written after the fact of the life of Jesus. This study establishes that these texts were correctly understood and translated from the Hebrew by those who see Jesus as the fulfillment. Messianic prophecy is probably the strongest evidence that the Bible is a book of supernatural origin and that Jesus of Nazareth must be identified as the messiah, the Savior of all who place their faith in Him and His death on the cross for our sin.

Papias and Matthew and Papias and his
Papias and Matthew and Papias and his "Elder John"

Papias lived in the next following generation from the Apostles. His surviving comments are essential to background conclusions about the Gospels. Should Papias be understood and trusted that the Apostle Matthew’s writing ministry was the basis for the canonical Gospel of Matthew? Who was Papias’ “Elder John” and what was his connection to the Gospel of John and the Book of Revelation? Was the author the Apostle John or some secondary obscure John? This book gives attention to these difficult but vital questions. As they overlap with the reliability of the Gospels, a third study on fulfilled Messianic Prophecy is included.

Biblical Counseling

Strength For His People; A Ministry for the Families of the Mentally Ill
Strength For His People; A Ministry for the Families of the Mentally Ill:

97 pages, soft cover, explains serious mental illness from a biblical world view. The primary focus of the book is schizophrenia, however, it addresses also the failure of churches to respond to mental illness, an explanation of the differences between schizophrenia and demon possession, evidence that schizophrenia is primarily a medical, not moral problem; and gives Bible studies on how to handle family emotions such as guilt, anger at God, fear, isolation, denial and family conflict. The material also may serve as a guide for Christian counselors working with persons with related problems such as Alzheimer’s disease or major depression. More than 50,000 copies have been distributed to families experiencing this devastating disease. Used by Focus on the Family as a resource, and used by educational institutions as a text.

Bible Counsel for Raising Children
Bible Counsel for Raising Children:

36 pages, booklet, soft cover. Many do not give attention to the subject of child-raising until they become parents; then catch-up studies become an absolute necessity. This booklet takes a reader into the Bible's counsel on raising children in a n informative bit brief presentation. published with the goal of helping parents and also generating sermons and study groups on this overlooked but critical aspect of family life.

A Biblical Look at Unborn Children
A Biblical Look at Unborn Children:

38 Pages, booklet, soft cover. Contains two separate studies covering both New and Old Testament views on the sanctity of life. First, abortion is examined from Biblical, Philosophical, Medical and Legal views. Secondly, many Old Testament Bible texts give God’s view of the unborn. Some think the New Testament does not address abortion directly. However, abortion was common in New Testament times and the early church condemned it repeatedly. It also seems true that New Testament verses which refer to sorcerers (Greek pharmakoi) included the strongest possible condemnation of the sinful use of drugs including those causing abortion.

Depression and Recovery According to the Bible
Depression Recovery According to the Bible:

48 pages, soft cover. Explains that there are specific causes for depression and that these reasons can be directly related to what the Bible has to say about this all too-common problem. Eleven sinful (such as hatred, perfectionism or sex worship) and eight non-sinful causes (being a victim, broken dreams, or trying to please everyone) are given for depression. Sinful or non-sinful, Dr. Waterhouse points out that there are “cures” for depression, all focusing on God as the source of meaning and satisfaction in life.

Suffering: Why Would a Good God Allow Evil and Pain?
Suffering: Why Would a Good God Allow Evil and Pain?

18 pages, booklet, soft cover. This booklet acknowledges that life can bring much suffering. Some originates from evil people; some comes from natural disasters and disease caused by no human sin. Does the Bible give a philosophy of suffering which explains how a good God can allow this and have a good purpose for our pain? Sixteen points suggest answers as to why God continues to allow suffering.

Bible Truths When Confronting Death
Bible Truths When Confronting Death:

20 pages, booklet, soft cover. This short pamphlet is useful for both pastors as well as lay persons as a ready reference for facing death, at the moment of death, and for Bible comfort after death. A quick-reference list of verses noting the insignificance of suffering compared to eternal glory, death’s defeat by the Lord Jesus, what happens at the death of a person who has trusted in Christ as Savior, promises that believers will be resurrected, reunion with loved ones in heaven, God’s as the source of satisfaction (joy), and help and comfort for those who remain.

Bible Truths When Confronting Death
Life’s Tough Questions:

212 pages, hard cover. Addresses crisis counseling issues such as: a theological treatment as to why God permits suffering - eleven sinful and eight non-sinful causes of depression from Scripture, with Biblical counsel for each … Demons or Mental Illness – warns of the danger of false diagnosis of demon possession and suggests that New Testament symptoms be applied in such cases … the Sanctity of Life - showing that abortion is wrong whether viewed from philosophical, medical, theological, or scientific views. Also included is a compendium of Bible verses for counseling in suicide and death situations.

Bible Truths When Confronting Death
Holy Matrimony - The Image of God in the Family

The admiration and imitation of God is at once God's purpose in marriage and God's method for a healthy marriage. God deliberately ordained the family as a sacred institution with a unique purpose in His plans for the world. Those who try to find happiness in marriage while excluding God from the relationship will experience futility.

This book also provides research ideas for pastors, teachers, counselors and leaders who set church policies on marriage.

Bible Truths When Confronting Death
Husband and Wife, the Imitation of Christ:

30 pages, booklet, soft cover. This resource examines the questions, does the Bible teach for or against the equality of the sexes? What is the Bible’s definition of true love? What are the roles God gives to husband and wife? Can these work to build a strong marriage in modern times? This brief study enables couples to follow God’s wisdom and thereby experience His best in marriage.

This book also provides research ideas for pastors, teachers, counselors and leaders who set church policies on marriage.

Biblical Economics by Jay O Keefe
Biblical Economics - Beginning at Square One
June 15th, 2009

Author E. Jay O'Keefe builds his case for adhering to financial principles that will avert a lifetime of onerous debt, provide for our needs, and above all store treasure for ourselves in heaven.

Financial principles are expressed in memorable one-liners: 'Wealth must be acquired before it can be consumed', 'You cannot borrow your way out of debt', and many others.

A must-read-and-heed treatise on managing God's money.

Co-Dependency Among Christians
Co-Dependency Among Christians

(Author: Dr. Roger A. Hubbard): 40 pages, soft cover. Here Dr. Hubbard introduces what may be a new term to most Christians. He points out that Christians can demonstrate that they may be enslaved to many things – behavioral additions, emotional disorders, and other problems that tend to compromise their walk with God. Dr. Hubbard suggests a 12-point cleansing process through which Christians can extricate themselves from being co-dependent.

Outside the Heavenly City
Outside the Heavenly City

Abortion in Rome and the early church's response

This 17 page pamphlet gives a historical study of abortion practices in the Roman empire and the Christian response in early church writings. Original readers would have linked New Testament condemnation of sorcery (Greek pharmakia) with abortion-causing drugs.